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‘Surprised she didn’t say watermelon’: Sheriff Clarke rips Clinton’s ‘disgusting’ hot sauce remark

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blasted Hillary Clinton for pandering to black voters with her claim to always carry hot sauce in her bag.

Clinton’s comment on a hip hop music radio show was “dehumanizing,” “embarrassing” and “disgusting,” Clarke said on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday.

“I’m surprised she didn’t say ‘watermelon’– just go all the way,” he added.

Clarke pointed out that the trio of hosts on the radio program immediately saw the Democratic candidate’s comment, which was based on a Beyonce song, for what it was. “They saw right through it,” he said. “Black people know they’re being pandered to.”

“And if any other candidate were to say something like that, some stereotype about black people, it would derail their campaign. But the rules seem to be different for the Clintons,” Clarke added.

Clarke noted that nothing has gotten better under Democrat leaders. At the heart of many cities with high crime and poverty rates are Democratic politicians, he said.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump slammed Clinton’s remarks in a separate Fox News segment on Tuesday.

“It’s the same thing that she always does,’ Trump said. “She carries hot sauce like I carry hot sauce. It’s just – I don’t know, it’s so phony, and so pandering and so terrible.”

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s comments in the video below.

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