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Joe Scarborough doles out some harsh advice to Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck

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“Morning Joe” co-anchor Joe Scarborough wrote an op-ed about Fox News host Megyn Kelly leaving the door open in a recent interview with Vanity about leaving the network next year when her contract is up, advising Kelly not to be like Glenn Beck.

Scarborough said that as a mother of three, who could fault Kelly “for tiring of a schedule that rarely allows her to sit down for dinner with her children or tuck them into bed at night?”

“If Kelly wants to leave Fox News for family reasons, good for her,” he wrote. “But if Kelly is thinking of escaping Roger Ailes and Fox News because she thinks she has outgrown the man and his star-making machinery, I humbly offer a friendly suggestion: Call Glenn Beck.”

Scarborough then jumped at the chance to go after Beck, saying he “saw himself as a latter-day version of Walt Disney … [who] began to believe he had outgrown Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. He was wrong.”

He goes on to suggest that Beck’s “business has fallen apart” since leaving Fox News and that Beck “has been largely irrelevant to the 2016 campaign” as a result.

Beck’s fledgling multimedia venture has yet to turn a profit, but that’s not entirely unexpected within the first few years of launching such an effort.

As for Scarborough offering Kelly advice, Mediaite columnist Jon Nicosia suggested the MSNBC host has it backwards.

“Despite his show’s considerable influence, Megyn Kelly has more viewers go to the bathroom during commercial breaks than Scarborough has during his entire three-hour show,” he wrote. “Maybe he ought to be calling Megyn for advice.”

Now that’s going to leave a mark.

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Tom Tillison


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