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‘I’m still in charge’: Phyllis Schlafly releases video following coup to oust her over Trump support

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Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly isn’t going anywhere, despite efforts to get rid of her.

Schlafly, who single-handedly defeated the radical feminist movement in the 1970’s, faced a potential coup from her organization the ‘Eagle Forum,’ after she threw her support behind GOP front-runner Donald Trump for president.

But, Schlafly is back with a new video message to all the nay-sayers, declaring that she’s “still in charge” at Eagle Forum and doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

“There seems to be a lot of confusion on what is going on in the ranks,” Schlafly says in her video message. “I understand it was said that I was there but I only piped in that board meeting just to say that I objected to its validity and to what it’s doing. And I don’t. I’m still in charge.”

Check out her full statements here:

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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