‘Slimy!’ Trump supporters rage as surprise name appears on NY GOP ballot

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What effect will “lost” votes have on your favorite Republican candidate?

With primary voting in New York well under way, Republican voters are finding a surprise in their candidate choices. The GOP ballots offer Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Governor John Kasich and … Dr. Ben Carson.

The former Republican candidate was late in submitting his request to be removed from the ballot, said New York State Board of Election’s Thomas Connolly, according to MSNBC. But Carson asked to have any of his votes voided in a request on Monday, the last day he could do so.

Even a few hundred votes for Carson could hurt Trump’s position in New York’s proportional system of allocating delegates. Candidates who gain 50 percent or more of the votes in one of New York’s 27 congressional districts will take away all three of the delegate votes in that district. In this highly competitive election race, even a one or two percent pull of votes away from Trump by Carson could hurt the GOP front-runner.

Carson’s request to the state’s Election Board will, in effect, nullify any votes that are cast for him in Tuesday’s primary. The result of this move has had conflicting reactions as some see the voided votes helping boost Trump’s numbers by eliminating a competitor, while others wonder if the votes helped other candidates in some districts.

The number of those votes will never be reported to the public, and they will not count toward the allocation of delegates, but it is not clear if those voters would have chosen Trump if Carson’s name were not on the ballot.

Despite the fact that Carson was the one to blame for his name being left on the ballot, Trump supporters were immediately slamming the Republican Party and crying foul in reactions on Twitter.

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