GOP congressman: Frontrunners Trump and Cruz proof system isn’t rigged

A Republican congressman called out Donald Trump’s complaints about the nomination process being crooked as nothing more than whining.

Reason to worry Hillary? NY Post NAILS primary day cover as campaign takes brutal beating

Tuesday’s New York Post cover says it all: The New York primary could be Hillary Clinton’s race of her life.

Sanders surrogate calls out CNN’s Hillary bias: Just look who’s donated to her campaign

Former president of the NAACP, Ben Jealous called out what he sees as CNN’s bias toward one presidential candidate.

Hillary told hot sauce obsession might be seen as pandering to blacks; ‘OK, is it working?’

After decades in Democrat politics Hillary Clinton is a master at the art of pandering.

Fiery O’Reilly counterpunches race-hustling ‘smear merchants’

Bill O’Reilly shot back at “the race hustlers who” criticized remarks he’d made last week about employing the ill-educated, stating that his critics “have apparently not walked the streets of poor neighborhoods lately.”

Giuliani finally gives ‘official’ Trump endorsement, with one stipulation

Donald Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani finally explained why he hadn’t officially endorsed Trump for president — just before he did.

Congressman to immigrant activists: ‘You’re supposed to be demonstrating what GOOD citizens you’d make’

“Are you an example of the America we can expect?”

Confidential memo reveals strategy behind Cruz delegate win in Georgia

Even though Donald Trump won Georgia resoundingly on Super Tuesday, Saturday’s delegate selection process in the various districts wasn’t exactly expected to go well for him.

‘Can I finish?’ Kasich snaps at reporter, snatches recorder after being asked dreaded question

The strain of the campaign in the hours leading up to the New York Republican presidential primary is beginning to show.

Sheriff Clarke praises Trump: Won’t grovel to ‘charlatan’ Sharpton for black vote

That Donald Trump isn’t kowtowing to race-baiters like Al Sharpton has Sheriff David Clarke’s seal of approval.

Gay Republican confronts Cruz on air: How will you protect me and my husband?

Religious liberty protects us all.

Trump detractors pounce, get creative after 9/11 gaffe

Donald Trump made an embarrassing gaffe at a rally Monday night in Buffalo and his detractors were quick to jump on it.