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Confidential memo reveals strategy behind Cruz delegate win in Georgia

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Even though Donald Trump won Georgia resoundingly on Super Tuesday, Saturday’s delegate selection process in the various districts wasn’t exactly expected to go well for him. Because of Ted Cruz’s much celebrated “ground game,” Cruz activists controlled most of the local Republican leadership and consequently were in a great position to ensure the Georgia Republican delegation is filled with Cruz supporters instead of people who actually support the winner, Donald Trump.

On Saturday in District 7, 265 convention delegates gathered, all chosen by earlier county-level meetings. Their job, usually a simple one, was to select three delegates and three alternates to send to the national convention. These positions and their functions are usually a formality and often go to party stalwarts, but in a year when a contested convention is likely they become much more of an issue.

The nominating committee had spent the previous week coming up with a slate of six delegates, led by Trump supporter Lori Pesta, a long time party activist. It would seem she deserved the nomination in every way, except she supported the wrong candidate. The slate was quickly voted down, and what followed was what happened in District 7 (as BPR reported Sunday) and all across the state, the placement of Cruz supporters as delegates to the national convention in a state Donald Trump convincingly won.

Although most will have to bite the bullet on the first ballot and vote for Trump, their hope is that the convention will become contested and they’ll be able to switch their votes to Cruz on the second and subsequent ballots until a winner is selected.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with a member of the five person nominating committee that selected the initial delegate slate, Harry Abrams. Abrams, a Huckabee supporter whose wife, a Trump supporter, had placed a Trump sign in their yard, got his hands on an email that had been sent out to the Cruz supporters attending the convention. In it, the Cruz campaign gets everyone on the same page so they’ll know exactly what they need to do during the convention in order to be sure Cruz supporters are selected as delegates and Trump supporters or even potential Trump supporters are left out entirely.

It’s a little long, but well worth the read.


The rest of the email memo can be read here.

Scott Morefield


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