SNL skit ‘God is a boob man’ is as low as it gets – with only one upside

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God is indeed a man!

While there’s little shock value left in “Saturday Night Live” mocking God, such a skit over the weekend seemed to bring out the inner misogynist in the show’s writers.

In a sacrilegious, pro-LGBT skit designed to drive into the psyche of the younger generation that liberal social mores are good and religion-based values bad, SNL offered up this: “God is a Boob Man.”

The prerequisite effort to use pop culture to mock God and traditional values in the pursuit of a secular progressive agenda featured “Beth,” a small town baker played by Vanessa Bayer, tasked with proving that God is not gay.

“From the makers of ‘God on the Run’ and ‘Angel in Denim: The Kim Davis Story,’ a story of liberal elites run wild,” the narrator begins.

Cutting to the chase, the punchline in the skit is “God is a boob man!” … but in making such a ridiculous declaration, the SNL writers, to the chagrin of feminists everywhere, acquiesce to the notion that God is a man.

A declaration Hillary supporters may not be too fond of either.

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Tom Tillison


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