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Watch Stephanopoulos in disbelief when Hillary claims she’s ignorant about 9/11 legislation

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Hillary Clinton claimed surprising ignorance of a bill she should be intimately acquainted with as a former secretary of state and New York senator.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos brought up the legislation introduced by Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, which would allow 9/11 victims to sue state sponsors of terror for the attack that took nearly 3,000 lives in 2001.

“You’re senior senator here in New York, Chuck Schumer has sponsored a bill backed by the 9/11 families that would give them the right to sue state sponsors of terror in federal court,” he said Sunday on “This Week.” “Now, it’s opposed by the Obama administration. They say it’s going to expose the US and its officials to retaliation. So who’s right here, Senator Schumer or President Obama?”

That’s when Clinton, who served as a senator representing New York when the 9/11 attack occurred and is now running for the Democratic presidential nominee, pleaded ignorance.

“I don’t really know about that, George,” she claimed. “I’ll have to look into it. Obviously we’ve got to make anyone who participates in or supports terrorism pay a price. And we also have to be aware of any consequences that might affect Americans, either military or civilian or our nation. So I’m not—”

Although Stephanopoulos is a long-time Clinton supporter, he didn’t seem to be buying it.

“You don’t’ know about—It’s been around for several years,” he told her.

“Well, I know there’s been an issue about it for quite some time. I don’t’ know about the specific legislation that you’re referring to, but obviously I’ll look into it,” she replied.

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Watch the interview, via ABC News.


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