Hollywood must fall back on capitalism to explain ‘whitewashing,’ Scarlett Johansson as Asian

The makers of the film “Ghost in the Shell,” the live-action adaptation of the popular anime series, are under fire for casting Scarlett Johansson in the lead role instead of an Asian actress.

MSNBC pulls race card out to get Omarosa to bash Trump: ‘As a woman of color . . .’

She’s standing by her man.

Trump burns Cruz: ‘He has to get his delegates from GOP bosses!’

GOP front-runner Donald Trump is railing full speed against what he says is a “rigged” republican primary system. Trump took to Twitter today to go after Sen. […]

Man disguised as a woman caught recording in Macy’s ladies’ bathroom

A man faced charges for video-recording women using a ladies restroom at a Southern California department store while dressed in a wig and women’s clothing.

Lewandowski-Fields screenshot
Trump campaign manager won’t apologize to Michelle Fields to stop her defamation lawsuit

Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s public spat with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields might only be just beginning. Lewandowski was charged with battery by Fields in […]

Significant number of Muslims ‘danced’ over terror attacks in Belgium, official says

One Belgian official is taking the Donald Trump route of telling it like it is when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said […]

Common sense demonstration on transgenders so good, it goes viral

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning blast HERE Wishing it to be doesn’t make it so. A woman took to social media to […]

Watch: Hilarious video shows how Hillary’s fake accents have changed through the years

It seems like Hillary Clinton is always running for public office. And when it comes to running a campaign, being personable is not something that comes naturally […]

Michelle Fields goes after prosecutor and his wife; he should have recused himself

Former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields is no longer just going after the Donald Trump campaign for defamation, now she’s firing at Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave […]

trump screen shot
‘I love that guy’: Trump looks out for supporter who passed out at Syracuse rally

Think what you may of Trump, but the Republican front-runner looks out for his supporters as seen on Saturday in Syracuse, New York, when a man passed out at a raucous campaign rally.

hillary screen shot
Hillary Clinton responds to Trump’s new nickname for her

Clinton let slip the expected strategy she will employ if Trump is her general election opponent.

George Clooney complains about ‘obscene’ money in politics; touts obscene amount he raised for Hillary

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blast HERE Hollywood elitist George Clooney is helping Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raise plenty of […]

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