‘We’re gonna lose every f-ing station we have’: How Laura Ingraham recovered after hot mic meltdown

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As if it had never happened.

Broadcasting dead air is a worst-case scenario as listeners inadvertently learned from conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham ran into technical difficulties on Friday’s program, resulting in an embarrassing moment when she dropped an “f-bomb” live on-air while talking to her producer, Drew Charmichael.

She thought her mic was dead — it wasn’t — but Ingraham handled the situation like a champ, never missing a beat when the problem was finally resolved.

“What’s going on? What do I do guys? I can’t hear anything,” Ingraham is heard saying when her headset suddenly goes dead. “What do I do? Drew can you hear something in yours? No, right?”

“Are you on “Best of?” Are you on “Best of?” she then asked. “We have dead air?”

(“Best of” is a reference to a previously recorded show.)

Ingraham’s frustration builds as they scramble to figure out what’s wrong, and while she may not be able to hear anything, her listeners are hearing everything.

“We’ve got to put a “Best of” on, Drew,” she tells her producer as the song “Proud Mary” begins playing. “We’re gonna lose every f***ing station we have. This is unbelievable.”

To her credit, once the problem was resolved, a calm, collected Ingraham continued on as if nothing ever happened.

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