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Obama announces plan to control ‘free market’ television, cable might never be the same

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It’s no secret that the Obama administration loves their Washington DC regulators controlling almost every industry in the country.

Now, government overreach regulations are about to hit the television industry.

In a weekly address this week, President Obama said he wants to bring in the federal government via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to create a more “free market” television industry by altering the way in which consumers currently purchase cable boxes for their televisions.

Obama claims cable “companies are engaging in behaviors that stifle competition,” and therefore, the FCC must step in to give consumers “real choice.”

“While we have almost unlimited choice in what we watch on television, from traditional programming to online content, there’s next to no competition to build a better, user-friendly product that allows you to easily access all this content in one place,” Obama said.  “So most consumers just rent whatever the cable company offers.  Because we have to.”

Obama said he will bring in the FCC to “remove the barriers” that are supposedly preventing competition in the television industry.

Check out the full statement from Obama:

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