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Cruz’s daughter lets slip that her school has really embarrassing VIDEO of Dad in pink boa and undies

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Kids just say the darndest things!

Ted Cruz might be wishing he left his two adorable daughters home after they disclosed some embarrassing information on a CNN family themed town hall Wednesday night.

Cruz was forthcoming about some goofy fun he’s had playing dress-up games with his daughters. He made sure to note that picture-taking isn’t (supposedly) allowed during the family fun.

“She got to dress up Daddy in a pink boa and these like, big goofy-looking underwear…” Cruz said, before his daughter busted in with the “doozy.”

“And [inaudible] it was on a videotape the whole time,” she gleefully chimed. “And that was a class video that they’re sending out to all the parents.”

Cruz looked visibly worried as he surely imagined hundreds, if not thousands of reporters, scouring the internet for the footage.

Here’s the video of the cute Town Hall moment. Stay tuned for Cruz dressed up in the pink boa.

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