Mark Levin levels powerful threat; if Trump supporters ‘piss me off one more time . . .’

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The 2016 election will be one for the record books in many ways and nowhere was that more clear than in the volatile swing seen this week from conservative talk show host Mark Levin on supporting Donald Trump.

“Count me as #NeverTrump,” Levin said on Friday’s show.

The definitive statement came days after he eviscerated the #NeverTrump movement, saying the stakes are too high and that these people are “passively” putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

“These people are not conservatives, they’re not constitutionalists,” Levin said earlier this week. “They’re frauds, they’re fakes. They’re not brave, they’re asinine! They’re buffoons!”

A strong statement, but in just a matter of days Levin is ready to sign on to the buffoonery.

So what changed?

Levin pointed to an op-ed by former Trump adviser Roger Stone — he called Stone “a thug, a sleazeball” — published on Friday that included a claim by a conservative blog of the Senate Conservatives Fund “purchasing massive quantities ($400,000) of Mark Levin’s books in exchange for favorable candidacy political opinion.”

In effect, the claim is that the popular talk radio host is bought and paid for by forces supporting Trump rival Ted Cruz.

“As a result of what the Trump supporters have attempted here, particularly Roger Stone, I am not voting for Donald Trump,” Levin said Friday.

And he let it be known that he’ll go even further if Trump supporters keep coming after him.

“If they piss me off one more time, I’m gonna urge millions of you, should he get the nomination, not to vote for him either,” Levin warned.

One for the books, indeed.

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Tom Tillison


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