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Hillary accused of breaking NYC law on her latest visit – did she?

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Hillary Clinton is becoming prone to breaking the law.

When Clinton rode in the New York City subway with a full campaign staff and a gaggle of media members, she may have actually broken city law, according to a report by the Guardian.

As law enforcement and New York City officials stood around Clinton watching her board the 4 Train with her campaign press pool, they must have forgotten that city law bars campaigning in subway cars, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Rules of Conduct.

While politicians can campaign outside of the subway cars, no campaigning is allowed inside the cars.

“When performers are playing music they are thought to be committing a crime and arrested,” a member of a group that advocates for New York subway musicians told the Guardian. “And apparently when Hillary Clinton does public speaking on a train car that is not considered a violation of the statute.”

Team Clinton would argue that they were all just taking a ride on the subway. No charges have yet been filed against Clinton for the “violation.”

Watch Clinton campaigning on the subway, here:

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