Home Depot security guard about to be attacked by tire iron is saved by armed citizen

Another example of a concealed carry citizen saving the day unfolded in Texas last week.

Mexican man working on Trump Tower sends boss ungrateful message via Facebook, next to his flag

A Mexican man who said he’s worked on Trump Tower in Vancouver.

‘Last Man Standing’ Tim Allen breaks from bashing Hillary, Obama to throw zinger at Trump

Conservatives love when Tim Allen takes jabs at President Obama or Hillary Clinton on his ABC sitcom, “Last Man Standing.”

Lawmaker SLAMS Bruce Springsteen’s whining, bully tactics after he cancels show over transgender bathrooms

Notorious left-winger musician and singer Bruce Springsteen just got called out for his intolerance. Just yesterday, Springsteen announced he would be cancelling his North Carolina concert because […]

Trey Gowdy calls State Department ‘deplorable’ for what they just did

Shame on them . . .

Whose Idea was THIS? Jamie Lee Curtis, other female celebs pose for AWKWARD Hillary photo shoot

It’s presidential election season, which means celebrities are trying to get as much attention as possible while throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton. Hollywood liberal Jamie Lee Curtis […]

Bill Clinton’s ‘almost’ apology for slamming Black Lives Matter

When democrats make rare, bold statements that upset a couple people, you can expect an apology soon. After former President Bill Clinton called out Black Lives Matter […]

police - Facebook
‘Don’t ever worry, I have your 6’: Cop in line at Chick-fil-A gets special thank-you note from 7-year-old boy

A Lakewood, Colorado police officer got a very special surprise while standing in line at a Chic-fil-A restaurant.

Heartthrob actor Antonio Sabato Jr backs Trump: ‘I cannot trust Cruz . . . there’s something about him’

Actor and former Calvin Klein model Antonio Sabato Jr. says Donald Trump is a man he can trust.

baby screen shot
Fox News host shares inspiring story behind new daughter’s awesome name

“That’s when they decided if they ever had a baby girl, she would be named . . .”

Why GOP donors want THIS guy to run as third party option if Trump becomes nominee

The GOP donor class is already plotting their options if GOP front-runner Donald Trump is the republican nominee. As a third-party option, if Trump does make it […]

Trump retweets that over 1 million ‘no Trump, no vote’ type postcards have been mailed to RNC

Donald Trump shared a retweet that claimed over one million pro-Trump postcards were sent to the Republican National Committee by voters.

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