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Male rape victim takes PC to sick new level; feels guilty migrant attacker was deported

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Europe is officially dead, and if the United States isn’t careful, it too will die from the same parasite — political correctness.

Norwegian politician Karsten Nordal Hauken, a heterosexual male, was sexually assaulted in his own home by another male, a Somalian asylum-seeker.

After his attacker was caught, tried and sentenced to four years and six months in prison, he was eventually deported back to Somalia. And the victim feels guilty.

Hauken revealed on a Norwegian TV program called “Jeg mot Meg” [Me against Myself] his fall into a life of alcohol and marijuana abuse following his rape — and his subsequent guilt that his rapist is being deported.

“My life fell into ruin, but now I feel guilty about him being sent out of the country,” he told the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.

Hauken described the initial relief he felt when the prison told him his attacker would be sent back to Somalia after serving his sentence.

“I felt relief and happiness that he would be gone forever. I felt like the Norwegian State had taken responsibility to carry out the ultimate revenge, like an angry father confronting it’s child’s attacker,” he said.

“But I also had a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason that he would not be in Norway anymore, but rather sent to a dark uncertain future in Somalia.”

“I see him mostly like a product of an unfair world, a product of an upbringing marked by war and despair,” Hauken added.

Hauken wasn’t the reason his rapist was deported back to “a dark, uncertain future in Somalia.” The rapist sent himself away.

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H/T: Daily Mail


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