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Hermain Cain takes on Smiley’s ‘segregationist campaign’ assertion; blacks are not anti-Trump

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Former presidential candidate for the 2012 race Hermain Cain rebutted the claim made by a previous guest on “The Kelly File” that Donald Trump was running a segregationist campaign, and argued that he appeals to all American voters.

“All of America benefits from replacing tax code,” Cain told Kelly. “All of America benefits from enforcing immigration laws. And all of America benefits from repealing and replacing Obamacare.”

PBS host Tavis Smiley claimed earlier on the program that the Republican presidential front-runner’s campaign was divisive.

“If you can’t campaign to all of America — if you’re only campaigning to one slice of America, then how do we believe that you want to be president for all of America?” Smiley said.

Cain said Smiley was “absolutely wrong.”

“The only thing that I agree with Tavis on is the fact that the Democrats have taken advantage of black people for 50 years, and they’ve gone beyond that. They have conned black people.”

He added that if he were advising him, the real estate mogul should drop the things that get him into trouble such as his frequent Twitter rants.

“He is partly to blame for some of the negative perceptions out there,” Cain said. “I know Donald Trump. He’s not a racist. He’s not a bigot, and he is not running a segregated campaign.”

Watch the clip via Fox News. The Smiley interview follows.

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Watch the Smiley interview via Fox News.


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