Hmm? Paul Ryan releases video that looks, feels, sounds suspiciously like a presidential campaign ad

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan released a promo video Thursday that looked a lot like a man who wants to be president.

‘You scared? Shoot!’ Black Lives Matter thugs taunt police officers

Black Lives Matter protesters are usually portrayed as the victims. In the latest video footage of a Minnesota protest, it appears that police officers were the victims of hatred and bigotry.

News Grinch is HERE!

Welcome to the first episode of the News Grinch Podcast!

CAIR files federal lawsuits claiming US ‘terror watch list’ discriminatory against Muslims

Placing Muslim jihadists on a ‘terror watch list’ is now apparently discriminatory, according to the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Obama slashes refugee vetting time to mere 3 months to make 10,000 goal

The Obama administration is ramping up efforts to import as many Syrian refugees as possible and seems ready to go back on its word to do it.

Young black Trump supporter: ‘I’m in the reality business . . . Mexicans have taken all the jobs’

Illegal immigrants are stealing all the jobs from African Americans. That’s why this young black man is voting for Donald Trump.

Video: Bill Clinton compares Republicans to MTV rappers in awkward imitation

Former President Bill Clinton doesn’t come out to campaign for his wife Hillary Clinton often, but when he does, he discusses rap music, MTV and Republicans.

Dem FEC members vote to punish anti-Obama filmmaker

Three Democratic members of the Federal Elections Commission voted to punish a conservative filmmaker for distributing a cost-free film critical of President Obama.

cruz screen shot
‘Take the F U Train, Ted!’: NBC & CBS both highlight insulting headline

It’s bad enough that the liberal New York Daily News used a vulgar insult to tell Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz what train to take, but having two of the top three broadcast networks feature the slight on their morning shows added insult to injury.

Former NYPD detective: Muslim Americans are the best anti-terrorist weapon we have

Former New York City Police Department detective Richard A. “Bo” Dietl defended comments he’d made in the past about increasing police presence in Muslim neighborhoods.

Nervous Hillary bursts into fit of forced laughter after warning from Sanders campaign

When it all gets to be too much just laugh it off girl! Riding high off the win, Bernie Sanders has come out swinging against the Democrat presidential front-runner…

‘Privilege’ survey distributed to middle school children in SPANISH CLASS

Parents at a Florida middle school are outraged over a survey distributed by a Spanish teacher that asked students “How privileged are you?”

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