Melania Trump gives husband her best advice: ‘If he would only listen’

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Donald Trump’s wife Melania joined him in an hour-long interview with Sean Hannity in Milwaukee, and it didn’t take long for her to weigh in on the elephant in the room.

“You have said you want Donald to be more presidential sometimes. Explain that,” Hannity said.

“Well, sometimes I feel that, you know, the retweets — sometimes get him in trouble. So I say sometimes stay away from, you know, stay away from retweets,” Melania answered.

At a later point, she looked at him, smiled, and said something all wives can probably relate to at one time or another: “If he would only listen!”

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Here are a few Twittersphere reactions to Melania’s candid moment. We can only hope her husband listens to her more often in the future! (Video of the exchange below.)

Scott Morefield


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