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Stealing Arizona? Cruz recruits delegates to defect to him in convention fight

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has another trick up his sleeve to snag the Republican presidential nomination from Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that the billionaire businessman handily won Arizona and its 58 delegates, Cruz is exploiting opposition to Trump within the Party to recruit delegates who would vote for him in a contested convention, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Cruz, out of all the campaigns, has the most folks on the ground and has been the most organized,” Arizona-based Republican consultant Michael Noble told the Examiner.

Constantine Querard, Cruz’s top organizer in the state, is optimistic that the Cruz ground game is better positioned to win delegates in a floor fight.

“We’re looking for either Cruz supporters or those who recognize that, to win in November, we need Sen. Cruz,” Querard said. “The effort is there, the organization is there, the support team is there. We’re not quite to halftime yet; call me back after next Saturday.”

David Livingston, the majority whip in the state’s House of Representatives, said Cruz’s team has been furiously making calls, emailing, texting and holding meetings to secure as many delegates as it can.

He believes Cruz, who he supports, could nab 29 of the 58 delegates.

“We have a better ground game than [Trump does] in Arizona,” he told the Examiner. “They have some good people too, but we have some really, really good people and I’m hoping that when we get to the state convention that gives us a real competitive advantage.”

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