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Sheriff Clarke makes liberals gasp with his answer to patrolling Muslim neighborhoods

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke must have sent liberals into a tailspin when he revealed that Muslim neighborhoods are being routinely patrolled, a tidbit that even managed to surprise Stuart Varney.

“Ted Cruz has said, after the Brussels attack, he’s in favor of patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in America,” the Fox Business Network host said. “You’re a cop. You would do the patrolling, you’d organize the patrolling. Would you do it?”

“Sure, and we already are,” he said. “And in New York they’re doing it under the Handschu agreement (a set of guidelines that regulate police behavior in New York City with regard to political activity), which allows the NYPD and their demographics units to go anywhere in these Muslim communities that the public is allowed to go.”

Clarke went on to say that there are nonetheless limits to police surveillance.

“They do not do rolling surveillance, they do not do rogue spying,” he said. “They’re looking for evidence of hot spots, they’re looking for evidence of radicalization.”

He also indicated what happens when Muslim enclaves aren’t properly patrolled.

“Had they done a better job in San Bernardino, they may have been able to uncover it, because the neighbors knew something was up,” Clarke told Varney. “We have to get over this notion that these are no-go zones.”

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Watch the clip via Fox Business Network:


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