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How Hillary’s awful ‘unborn person’ blunder will be covered by ‘Big 3 networks’

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Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton made a major gaffe during an appearance Sunday on “Meet the Press” in response to a question about rights for unborn children.

A gaffe that Newsbusters predicts will not make the Big Three networks’ morning shows on Monday.

In seven short words, Clinton undermined the left’s position on abortions from day one that the embryo is just a clump of cells: “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

In a show of just how serious her blunder was, Newsbusters’ Tom Blumer noted that as of Sunday evening, neither the Associated Press nor the New York Times have touched it.

Their avoidance of the story is the “best way to tell when a leftist’s gaffe is serious,” he wrote.

But Blumer went one step further: He predicted that if AP and The Times can do their bit, the networks can then dismiss the story on Monday as “old news.”

No wonder the AP and the New York Times haven’t touched Mrs. Clinton’s statement. Her contradictions are so obvious that even low-information voters who hear about may finally understand the horror this nation has enabled nationally for over 40 years. If they hold out until early Monday morning, they’ll keep Mrs. Clinton’s gaffe off of the Big 3 networks’ morning shows. After that they’ll treat is as “old news” not worthy of coverage.


In comparison to the wall-to-wall coverage Republican front-runner Donald Trump saw last week when he stumbled over a question on abortion, the media’s reaction Monday to Clinton’s “leftist heresy” will be a follow-up worth monitoring.

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Tom Tillison


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