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Obama’s call for more refugees sparks heat: It ‘isn’t immigration, it is importation’

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Despite the attacks in Paris and Brussels, President Obama remains determined to bring more Syrian refugees into the country.

Fox News’ “Cashin’ In” panel discussed the problem Saturday.

“This is common sense,” author and analyst Dr. Gina Loudon said. “If you have a pipe burst in your house and your house is flooding, the first thing you do is you turn off the water.”

She lamented not only the inherent terror threat but also harmful economic implications of continuing the flood of refugees.

“There’s nothing wrong with compassion but nothing says those people have to be brought here for us to be compassionate,” she said.

Liberal commentator Juan Williams insisted that Loudon’s comments fed into “anxiety and fear” but author and analyst Jonathan Hoenig of capitalistpig.com disagreed.

“What’s being talked about here isn’t immigration, it is importation,” he said. “It is not Americans’ job to feed the sick or help those who ruined it around the world.”

Editor’s note: The story originally said “Cashin’ In” was on the Fox Business Network. It is actually on the Fox News Channel.


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