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Uh-oh! FBI tells State Dept to stop Hillary email probe: Butt out, we got this

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In response to a State Department request, the FBI informed the agency last month to halt an internal review of emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton.

The development prompted plenty of speculation about whether this is a tip of the hand that the FBI is now pursuing a criminal investigation or concerned that the department may run interference for their former boss.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The State Department said Friday that the FBI has asked the department to halt its internal investigation into emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton while she led the department, emails that are now deemed to contain “top-secret” information.

State had been reviewing whether the information was deemed top-secret at the time it was sent, or whether the information only became top-secret later. But State Department spokesman Elizabeth Trudeau said the FBI asked the department to stop so as not to interfere with the FBI’s own investigation. …

“We contacted the FBI to solicit a judgement from them as to the best path forward,” Trudeau told reporters when asked about the review of the 22 emails that included “top-secret” information. She didn’t clarify if the decision affected hundreds of other emails that included classified information.

“The FBI communicated to us that we should follow our standard practice, which is to put our internal review on hold while there is an ongoing law enforcement investigation underway,” she said.

“Of course, we do not want our internal review to complicate or impede the process of their ongoing law enforcement investigation,” she added. “Therefore, the State Department at this time is not moving forward with our internal review.”


The news was more than enough to peak the interest of politicos and other social media users, with the speculation going well beyond thoughts about a possible criminal probe.

Here’s sampling of responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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