DOJ complaint claiming Trump illegally promised position to Carson filed by pro-Hillary group

A pro-Clinton watchdog group alleges that Donald Trump illegally promised an administration position to Ben Carson in exchange for the former candidate’s endorsement.

AP wants you to know this famous cannibal killer’s former home is available to GOP convention goers

Some Republican voters may find themselves wondering about the intent of an Associated Press article drawing attention to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s former home being up for rent in Cleveland in the run up to the Republican National Convention being held in the city this summer.

palin screen shot
Palin turns heads with Cruz/Beck dig about ‘seducing’ illegals with ‘gift baskets’

Sarah Palin took to the stump Friday in Wisconsin in support of Republican front-runner Donald Trump and had heads turning when she spoke of “seducing” illegal immigrants with gift baskets.

Obama uses nukes to attack Trump

Watch Obama’s comments . . .

Uh-oh! FBI tells State Dept to stop Hillary email probe: Butt out, we got this

In response to a State Department request, the FBI informed the agency last month to halt an internal review of emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton.

Muslim-American family kicked off plane for ‘safety reasons’ offers partial video, claims discrimination

An Arab-American family has accused United Airlines of discrimination after a flight crew removed them from an airplane for “safety reasons.”

VIDEO: Walkout on Ben Shapiro lecture backfires on liberal students

A staged walkout by liberal students during a Ben Shapiro lecture at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill backfired Wednesday, with other students eagerly rushing in to fill the vacated seats.

Trendy way to silence campus conservatives – impeachment efforts

At universities across the country, student senators have faced threats of impeachment for infractions such as inviting conservative speakers to campus and voting contrary to the wishes of liberal student groups.

Trump chalking hysteria spreads to Michigan – campus police called over CHALK

Outrage and fear inspired by pro-Donald Trump chalkings spread to the University of Michigan Wednesday, prompting students to file bias reports and even notify the police.

‘Clown’ Obama flashes peace sign for world leaders photo at nuclear summit; see reaction

It’s something you’d expect to see during a high school class picture.

Rove says to beat Hillary, GOP should nominate ‘fresh face’ – ditch Trump, Cruz, and Kasich

Karl Rove thinks the Republican Party might be better off with a nominee for president that isn’t even running.

Warning backfires: Scotland police threaten to come to your house if you tweet anything mean

It’s a glimpse of what America could become if liberals appoint another Supreme Court justice who could distort the First Amendment.