What could possibly go wrong with THIS Hillary hashtag? Oh, let us count the ways!

A hashtag campaign started by Hillary Clinton supporters backfired in their collective faces Saturday. After her rival in the race for the Democrat presidential nomination, Vermont Sen. […]

Dramatic video: San Diego cruise ship loses control, plows into pier full of people

A terrifying end to a sightseeing cruise brought passengers perilously close to disaster and it was all caught on video.

Vets plan to expose Hillary in nationwide ‘The Difference it Makes’ bus tour

Veterans for a Strong America is embarking on a national summer bus tour to expose Hillary Clinton’s record on foreign policy.

‘This is America!’: Watch US Secret Service scold Turkish security for getting rough at nuclear summit

Roughing up political protesters and journalists might be par for the course in the Middle East but it doesn’t fly in America.

New medal given to US soldiers battling ISIS criticized for being insensitive … to ISIS

A new medal to be awarded to American service members in recognition of their service in the fight against Islamic State militants is being criticized for being insensitive… to ISIS.

‘Cupcake Nation alert’: Absurdity of college coddling is much worse than we thought

A Harvard University student slammed the hypocrisy and sensitivity of college students

‘Surreal’, ‘treason’: Obama betrays Americans by providing first public inventory of its nuclear stockpile

President Obama announced a plan that seems to verge more on irresponsibility.

Oops, Trump in jeopardy of being stripped of his South Carolina delegates

Donald Trump may have written a check even he cannot cash.

Student’s world blows up when her face is used in fake photo admitting to affair with Ted Cruz

It’s not everyday that a college student finds themselves thrust into the middle of a hotly contested presidential election.

Video: Greek farmer tires of refugees living on his property, fires up his tractor

A Greek farmer didn’t care refugees were living on his property when he rolled out his tractor Thursday to prepare his fields for the summer.

huma screen shot
Terrified Hillary aide Huma breaks silence about email probe: ‘I can’t even imagine what’s in those emails’

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin finally spoke out on the email controversy swirling around her boss, saying she is terrified at what may be in the emails they have exchanged that have since been released to the public.

Former Defense Sec Robert Gates laughs at Obama White House’s inability to understand military ops

Former defense secretary Robert Gates recalled with a laugh the difficulty the Obama administration had in understanding military options during the Libya crisis in 2011.

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