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Tragic: Migrants arrested for gang-raping girl on Swedish high school cruise

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The wave of sexual assaults occurring across Europe is now being taken to the sea.

Five non-western men who migrated to Sweden have been accused of gang-raping a teenage girl on a Swedish cruise for high school students, according to a report by the Swedish publication Aftonbladet.

The migrants, aged 18 and 19 years old, were arrested after the cruise ship docked back in Sweden and are being charged for aggravated rape following the allegations.

Although the Swedish police have attempted to hide the identities of the men accused of rape, a typical practice for law enforcement in the country, a Swedish newspaper revealed that two of the men are believed to be accessories to murder as well.

Taken from Breitbart:

Although the politically-correct Swedish police have gone to their usual lengths to obscure the identities and nationalities of the suspected perpetrators, a mistake by Sweden’s largest newspaper has revealed the men to be migrants.

Ironically, the same Swedish newspaper interviewed cruise-goers before boarding the ship to write a profile on the attendees of the trip.

Two of the men interviewed made alarming remarks, saying they “Just f**k about” and how they “actually go f**king wild” on the cruise. Now, the newspaper believes that they interviewed two of the men involved in the gang rape.

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