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Hillary’s pathetic new ad touts her as more authentically ‘New York’ than Queens-born Trump

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Once again Hillary Clinton proves she’s one of the establishment with a new campaign ad that is so out of touch you almost have to remove your brain to watch it.

Hillary, born and raised in Illinois, moved around before finally landing in New York to score a job as senator apparently thinks she’s more authentically “New York” than Queens-born and bred Donald Trump.

That’s some serious chutzpah.

Hillary lectures what it means to be a New Yorker and more than implies that Trump isn’t it.

“So when some say we can solve America’s problems by building walls…” Hillary laments as a Trump sign not-so-subtly passes the screen.

“This is New York, and we know better,” Hillary concludes.

Say what you want about Trump, but who in their right mind could argue that he is less of a New Yorker than Hillary who lived in the Big Apple for a hot minute? Except of course, for Hillary.

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