‘Are radical Islamists evil?’ Imam, pastor duke it out in fiery clash on Hannity

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During a heated debate Wednesday, an Imam insisted on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” that there can be no such thing as “radical Islam.”

This came in response to host Sean Hannity’s claim that President Obama is watching baseball in Cuba and dancing the tango in Argentina while radical Islam is taking over the world.

Pastor Robert Jeffress picked up on the theme, stating that recent terror attacks in Paris, Pakistan, San Bernardino and Brussels all shared a common denominator — radical Islam.

Hannity turned to his second guest during this segment, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi.

“,” he asked, “and are they a clear and present danger to the free world?”

Ali Elahi corrected the other two, and told them to “stop saying radical Islam” and asserted that “it is either radical or Islam, but it can’t be both.”

He further distinguished Islam from evil.

“ISIS is evil, Islam is not evil. Evil is ignorance. Evil is prejudice. Evil is –,” he told Hannity, who cut him off.

“Wait a minute! You’re not answering my question!” he said. Hannity pointed out that terrorists commit their heinous acts in the name of Islam, and repeated his original question: “Is radical Islamist evil,” and are they a worldwide danger.

When the Imam continued his talking point, Hannity switched gears by asking how we can tell the difference between legitimate Syrian refugees and those who would do us harm.

The segment soon degenerated into shouting between Jeffress and Hannity on one side and Ali Elahi on the other.

Watch the clip via Fox News.

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