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Cubans given ‘free’ cash, food stamps, and Medicaid upon arrival in US

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Cubans entering the country through the US southern border are reportedly treated like residents of the country the minute they get here.

In research by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), Cubans arriving in the country are immediately offered TANF, which is a form of cash welfare, food stamps known as “SNAP” and Medicaid through the office of Health and Human Services.

Additionally, Cubans are being given Social Security cards when they enter the country, with CIS research finding that Cuban non-profit organizations actually aiding Cuban immigrants in getting Social Security cards in order to be granted state benefits.

The organization claims to have worked with 40 to 60 newly arrived Cuban immigrants a day over the last year and on many weekends said it works with 100 to 200 Cubans.

The report comes as BizPac Review reported last week how in the last six months, more than 26,000 Cubans have crossed into the US through the southern border. In the last two years, 93,000 Cubans have crossed into the country.

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