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Trump reveals most important attribute to lead country away from ‘the brink’

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump prefers to be a leader who is respected.

Trump responded with his own take on the venerable question on leadership — “Is it better to be loved or feared?”

“I’d rather be respected than both,” the GOP front-runner said on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” on Monday.

“You want to be respected, and I think that’s what’s happened. And that’s why I’m by far the number one front-runner,” he told host Eric Bolling as he discussed a variety of issues including foreign policy and the election race.

Trump defended his proposed U.S.-Mexico wall and reacted to criticism from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. “Everybody wants the wall. Every time I mention it at big, big rallies, everybody stands up, they give me cheering ovations,” he said, adding that border security and immigration policies in the U.S. are sorely lacking.

“We need protection in our country. Our country is not protected,” Trump said while noting that U.S. border patrol agents “are really wanting to do their jobs, they can’t do their jobs.”

The billionaire businessman also commented on American foreign policy in regard to trade with nations like China, Japan and North Korea.

“We don’t use our best business minds, we use political hacks to negotiate deals,” Trump said. “We have tremendous power over many people, economically. We just don’t know how to use that power.”

“We need strength and we have to make ourselves solid again financially,” Trump concluded. “We are a country that is on the brink.”

Watch the full interview in the video below.

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