Belgian political leader endorses Trump, warns US of immigrant ‘invasion’

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As Europe falls prey to the fate of Islamic extremism, at least one European leader is looking to Donald Trump.

In a video message, Mischaël Modrikamen, leader and co-founder of the Belgium People’s Party, endorsed Trump and lambasted political leaders for perpetuating mass Muslim migration into the country, which he describes as the “invasion of Europe.”

“Mr. Trump, make America great again,” says Modrikamen in the video. “You are an example for many of us here in Europe.”

“America should not become another Brussels. It was once a vibrant, entrepreneurial, joyful, peaceful city. That was before… Brussels is becoming a third-world city. With a majority of Muslim migrants within 15-20 years [according to demographic studies]…with more than half of them with strong Islamic beliefs…”

Watch the full endorsement here:

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The endorsement received plenty of attention on Twitter:

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