Mysterious Trump tombstone in NY Central Park begs questions

Photographs of a mock gravestone for Donald Trump with an epitaph that is a take on his famous catchphrase “Make America Great Again” have caused a stir around the Internet.

The fake grave was made to look like it was in New York’s Central Park. His birth year of 1946 was engraved below the Republican presidential delegate leader’s name.

The epitaph below it read “Made America Hate Again.”

While the picture has received numerous shares on social media, it doesn’t exist, according to the Daily Mail.

A reporter for the Mail went to the spot where the grave was purported to be but nothing was there.

A park ranger, who the Mail contacted, said the rangers knew of the tombstone “ages ago” but have never seen it actually in the park.

It is unknown if the grave marker was ever in the park for the picture to be taken or if it was strictly the work of creative Photoshopping.

Carmine Sabia


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