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Germany to segregate trains by gender after widespread Muslim sex attacks

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Multiculturalism is working out great for Germany these days.

A particular central German railway will begin segregating train cars by gender due to an enormous uptick in sexual assaults widely committed by Muslim migrants who have fled to the European stronghold, according to a report by the German Süddeutsche Zeitung news source.

The central German Regiobahn network said the move to segregate the trains will provide for the maximum amount of safety and peace, as the Leipzig and Chemnitz will only admit women and children.

The railway claims that the move to segregate has nothing to do with the mass sexual assault problem that’s taken Germany by storm in recent months, and not surprisingly, the railway did not state another reason as to why they were making the change.

Now, Germany is more like India, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Indonesia than ever before, as they all separate train rides by gender as well.

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