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Fla woman’s tricked-out car features ‘bad boy’ image of Ted Cruz

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A central Florida woman’s support for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is getting attention wherever she drives.

While her gold 1974 Volkswagen Super Bug is certainly worthy of a glance on its own merit, it is what she has plastered over both doors that is really attention-grabbing: an image of a tattooed, cigarette-wielding Ted Cruz.

Cruz VW
Image: Screenshot, Orlando Sentinel

“I said if Ted Cruz runs for president I would do something for him,” said Cheryl Lankes of Merritt Island, according to the Orlando Sentinel. And Lankes has followed up on her promise by covering her treasured car with images of Cruz, “Ted Cruz 2016” and “Liberty” decals.

“He most identifies with my values,” Lankes said, explaining her support of the Texas senator. “He’s a principled candidate and I’m a principled person.”

Lankes does not see herself as very political, reported the Sentinel, but the stay-at-home mom said it was her children’s future that moved her into action.

“I really just want my kids to have the same opportunities that I had,” said Lankes. “That’s what drew me into this race.”

As for the tough-looking Cruz images on her car, Lankes said she thought it “would grab young people’s attention” and would give the GOP candidate “a tougher image than he sometimes portrays in real life.”

And she certainly succeeded in getting that attention, even from Cruz himself when he shared the images to his Twitter account earlier this month.

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