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Trump spokeswoman ‘likes’ tweet on Cruz sex scandal to mock Glenn Beck; she’s likely sorry now

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Following an uproar over a National Enquirer report accusing Sen. Ted Cruz of having five affairs, Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson found herself in a strange position.

When the alleged Cruz sex scandal story first broke, Pierson ‘liked’ a tweet on Twitter that mocked Cruz-supporter Glenn Beck for touting his candidate as the Christian alternative to Trump.

Here’s the tweet Pierson liked, along with photo evidence:

The odd plot twist in the entire conundrum of rumors and scandals is that Pierson has been identified as being one of the alleged Cruz mistresses.  

Without responding to the accusation, Pierson already seems to be putting the rumor to bed. After liking the Beck-bashing tweet about the alleged Cruz sex scandal, Pierson went on to hit ‘like’ for two tweets that dismiss her involvement in the scandal. 

Katrina Pierson sex scandal

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