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Secret Cruz sex scandal talk circulated on Twitter for weeks under THIS mysterious hashtag

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Before the rumors and allegations were made public in a scorching piece against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for allegedly having five extramarital affairs, the accusations laid in hiding under a mysterious hashtag on Twitter.

For weeks leading up to the National Enquirer report out Friday, which claims Cruz had sexual relations with five former co-workers and political insiders, supporters of Sen. Marco Rubio and “#NeverTrump” promoters on social media discussed “#TheThing,” as the Cruz allegation was dubbed by insiders. 

Cruz’s alleged mistresses include Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson and CNN pundit Amanda Carpenter, who formerly worked for the Cruz campaign.

Pierson has repeatedly denied the allegations and actually debunked the rumors a week ago when she was questioned about it on social media.

And the world turns.

John Binder
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