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Obama takes TWO ‘Air Force One’ planes to Argentina so he can go hiking

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Nothing stops President Obama from a good time. Nothing!

The president continued his Latin American whirlwind adventure Thursday by taking a second jet, not the Air Force One he flew to Argentina in, to go hiking with his family at Parque Llao Llao followed by a boat ride, the Washington Times reported.

That makes it two jets used for his Latin American getaway trip.

But that’s a small matter for Obama who has been seen doing the wave at a baseball game with a dictator, dancing the night away, playing dominoes and now hiking and riding in a boat … all while Brussels, America’s NATO ally, reels from a terrorist attack that has Americans still among the missing.

The point of NATO is that if one member gets attacked, it is as if all are under attack.

The president’s team sent out a statement Thursday assuring everyone that the president is being briefed regularly on what’s happening in Brussels.

“The President has directed his team to continue providing any and all requested assistance to Belgian and other authorities investigating the attacks, just as the United States continues to take concerted action against ISIL around the globe,” the statement read.

That must have been a great comfort to the people of Brussels while at the same time sending members of the Islamic State running in fear.

This president couldn’t be more out of touch or less concerned with optics.

The man devoted less than one minute to talking about the attacks, and was smiling and giddy alongside a communist dictator on the same day the attacks occurred.

Are people supposed to suddenly believe he cares more now than he did then?

Does hiking and boat riding send that message?

The threat from ISIS will not be stopped until a president with the strength to confront it is elected.

Obama is not, will not, and cannot be that man.

Carmine Sabia


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