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Far-left Starbucks takes out full-page political ad ‘not bound by party affiliation’ – yeah, right!

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Starbucks just can’t seem to stick to making overpriced coffee.

From publishing a quiz dubbed by social media as an “Are you a racist?” test, to its controversial “race together” fiasco, the retailer loves to get political — and they’re at it again this week.

In a full page ad presumably aimed at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, the company says it wants to tell “a story that is not bound by party affiliations, or religious beliefs.”

Starbucks Ad
Photo credit Amanda Kathryn Roman / Facebook.

When you read the headlines. Or turn on the news. When you scroll through your social media feed. Or listen to the candidates. You could easily mistake America as a nation, lost. A people who have severed the common bonds that hold us together — compassion, respect, shared responsibility, a belief in service, a willingness to unite despite our differences.

Today, for just a moment, we wanted to pause and reflect. To go beyond the hatred and vitriol, and see a different story of America.

It’s a story that is not bound by party affiliations, or religious beliefs. It’s not dependent on living in one zip code over another. It’s not left-leaning or right-leaning. It’s not about your income or your wealth.

It lives in our small towns, and also in our cities. In the classroom of a teacher who is fighting for the potential in every student. You see it in the volunteer who mentors youth, and in those helping America’s veterans successfully transition to civilian life. And in those who work to include, rather than discriminate. You see it in the leader who invests in her community. And in the nurse who treats the elderly with dignity. This is the story we believe in.

This is not about the choice we make every four years. This is about the choices we make every single day.

Not bound by party affiliation? Really?

When paired with the accompanying page that lists negative traits and positive traits, the ad reads like every Democrat campaign’s talking points against Trump and for Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps the Seattle-based company is still miffed over Donald Trump calling for a boycott over the decision to remove Christmas symbols from its holiday coffee cups.

Or it could be that far-left Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz might be considering running for president, as some have suggested that he do.

Either way, it’s probably safe to say he won’t be voting for Trump.

Carmine Sabia


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