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Caller keeps asking Rush why he’s not warning listeners about Trump; here’s his blunt response

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A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show badgered the host about why he wasn’t “warning” people about the perils of Donald Trump, and his answer was as blunt as the billionaire.

“I’ve been listening to you warn us for years about the Democrats, you say, ‘when you can’t win in the arena of ideas you resort to personal attacks,’ and that’s what Donald Trump does all the time,” the caller identified as Terry told the host. “If you’re a woman, you become a bimbo and a pig, and if you’re a man, then you’ve been on your knees begging him for money. I just wondered, do you think for a minute that he wouldn’t use the IRS, the EPA, and the FBI to go after his enemies? He’s still got a vendetta against Megyn Kelly, and now he’s starting on Heidi Cruz.”

The caller insisted that Trump would act exactly like President Obama because he has the same “king complex” and again pressed the host on why he wasn’t “warning” his listeners, according to the transcript.

“I don’t think it needs to be. It speaks for itself,” Limbaugh replied. “Trump speaks for himself. Who Trump is and what he’s doing is not a mystery to anybody. It’s the exact opposite of a mystery. It’s in your face.”

While Terry said Limbaugh was ignoring Ted Cruz, the host pointed out that he had devoted two hours to talking about Cruz, in a positive way, the day before.

But the broader point was simple.

Limbaugh said he is voting for the Republican nominee — whoever it is, no matter what.

“Daffy Duck could be our nominee. He gets my vote. I am not voting for Hillary or Bernie or Biden or whoever ends up being the nominee, pure and simple,” he said.

Carmine Sabia


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