‘Taste the freedom’: Here are your food choices at a baseball game in communist Cuba

While baseball is America’s favorite pastime, watching it being played in communist Cuba comes up short on that “American” feel because of what’s missing.

Rotund liberal filmmaker Michael Moore could not heap enough praise on President Barack Obama for his “historic” trip to Cuba this week and was particularly struck by the president doing the wave with the murderous Cuban dictator Raúl Castro while watching the ballgame.

“Seriously, isn’t this the world you want to live in?” Moore asked on social media.

Though, it’s unlikely Moore will be spending too much time in Cuba’s “world,” given the menu offerings at the ol’ ballpark.

Los Angeles Times reporter Kate Linthicum reporting from Cuba shared this image on social media along with the caption: “No beer, no hot dogs at Cuba baseball games. Just government-made crackers and onion puffs.”

H/T Twitchy.com

The reaction to the image was summed up best by a social media user who succinctly stated: “Taste the freedom.”

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter:

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