‘The View’ co-hosts just called Donald Trump the voice of reason

Sometimes it takes a major wake-up call to get people to see what’s right in front of their face.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” three of the hosts shocked Joy Behar by agreeing with Donald Trump‘s assessment regarding the attacks in Brussels and national security in general.

CNN’s Sunny Hostin started it off after Behar played a clip of Trump saying he’d welcome waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques to combat terrorism.

“I’ll be honest. I went to law school because I want justice in our world and peace in our world and it’s sort of, my moral compass is always on the side of justice and I’m so tired of seeing this senseless death, I thought Donald trump sounded really reasonable,” she said to a shocked Behar who was likely expecting a Trump bashing spree. “We need to be forceful. We can’t have these muted responses to terror.”

Expanding on that further, she clarified that it was Clinton she was referring to who came out with a muted response to the attacks. (Click the link to read more about Hillary’s feeble response.)

Hostin went on to talk about how Trump called Brussels a “hellhole” back in January, essentially predicting a future attack.

Co-hosts Paula Farris and Raven Symone agreed that Trump had good points.

During the segment, Behar continued grasping at straws to get the co-hosts to agree with her that Trump wouldn’t be a good president. Ultimately, Trump’s plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico finally got Hostin to disagree with the GOP front-runner.


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