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NY Times/CBS poll reveals hashtag ‘Never Trump’ campaign is FAILING, Cruz now least liked

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A fresh New York Times/CBS News national poll shows just how much the #NeverTrump campaign is failing.

Although the mainstream media and anti-Donald Trump types within the GOP establishment have been waging a war against Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is now the least liked candidate in the race, according to the new poll.

A total of 19 percent of Republican voters said they would not support Cruz if he were the republican nominee for president. Only 17 percent said they would not support Trump if he were the nominee, while 13 percent said they would not support Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

For voters who are supporting a candidate but have “reservations,” Cruz leads the pack: An average of 33 percent said they support Cruz “with reservations,” while another 32 percent said they supported Trump but also had reservations.

When voters were asked if they would support the candidate simply because he was the Republican nominee, Trump had the lowest numbers with 15 percent saying they would “support only because nominee,” a good sign of enthusiasm surrounding the front-runner.

Meanwhile, 17 percent said they would vote for Cruz just because he was the nominee versus the 27 percent who said they would support Kasich.

Trump continues to lead the GOP race with vigor: 35 percent responded that they are excited about his candidacy; Cruz reached a 29 percent level of enthusiasm while Kasich received the lowest levels at 27 percent.

Trump also leads in the national poll overall, with 46 percent to Cruz’s 26 percent. Kasich has now garnered 20 percent support.

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