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Devastating bloody explosions rock Brussels airport, subway; worldwide anger spreads

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At least 21 people have been killed and dozens more injured in twin terrorist bombings that hit the subway system and airport of Brussels on Tuesday.

One of the terrorists fired a weapon and shouted in Arabic before the explosions went off, Belgian news agency Belga reported.

“It was atrocious. The ceilings collapsed. There was blood everywhere, injured people, bags everywhere,” Zach Mouzoun told Sky News.

“We were walking in the debris. It was a war scene.”

Confused and shocked, passengers fled the terminal to safety as they were evacuated by armed police.

Footage also showed ceiling tiles littered across the floor and strewn black luggage belts, cases and bags at a check-in desk.

According to reports the suspected terror attack centred on an American Airlines desk in a departure hall at around 8am.


The onslaught comes days after the arrest of the Paris terrorist attack ringleader Salah Abdeslam.

This story is still developing.

Social media documented much of the frightening scenes.


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