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Trump releases 6-person foreign policy team sure to have GOP establishment in a frenzy

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GOP front-runner Donald Trump just released his long-awaited list of foreign policy team members and it is bound to have establishment types reeling.

Trump’s six foreign policy advisers include a slew of non-intervention, anti-foreign war proponents that is far from conventional for a GOP candidate.

These are the key players of Trump’s foreign policy team, according to the Washington Post:

  • Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who will serve as chair of Trump’s foreign policy team
  • Counter-terrorism expert Walid Phares
  • Former inspector general for the Dept. of Defense Joe Schmitz
  • General Keith Kellogg
  • Carter Page
  • Oil and energy consultant George Papadopoulos

Phares has appeared on television as a staunch critic against Islamic terrorism while also teaching at the National Defense University and Daniel Morgan Academy.

Schmitz served in the George W. Bush administration in the early years as an inspector general in the Defense Dept.

Kellogg is a former U.S. Army lieutenant who is the vice president of a Virginia-based intelligence technology consulting firm. He was formerly the chief operating officer for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad after the Iraq invasion.

Page is a managing partner at Global Energy Capital who previously worked at the Council on Foreign Relations where he heavily focused on the economic impacts of former Soviet-controlled states.

Papadopoulos once advised Ben Carson’s presidential campaign on foreign policy. He also worked as a researcher at a Washington-based conservative think tank known as the Hudson Institute.

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