The problem with this smug ‘I stand with my Muslim neighbors’ shirt

By Mark Tapson, Truth Revolt

I Stand With my Muslim Neighbors Tshirt

Looking for a way to end hate, intolerance, racism, and the rampant Islamophobia plaguing our country? Well, perhaps not end those things so much as signal to others that you stand against those things because you’re a morally superior being?

Then, the George Soros-backed progressive group that worked so hard to get Barack Obama elected twice, has just the thing for you: a plain white t-shirt emblazoned with the bold, smug declaration, “I Stand With My Muslim Neighbors.”

For only a $19 donation, you too can “get the T-shirt and support our work to combat hate.” Because nothing defuses hate and promotes a deep understanding of worldwide jihad and sharia like a slogan on a t-shirt, unless it’s a “COEXIST” bumper sticker on a Prius (and we all know how effective that’s been at establishing peace on earth).

The web page states,

Join me in standing with our Muslim neighbors by wearing this T-shirt. Let this simple gesture help promote justice, understanding, and love. A donation of $19 covers the cost of this high-quality, union-made, union-printed shirt and shipping, and helps to support our work to combat hate. While hate begets hate, so too does love beget love.


Union-made and union-printed! Nothing unions do could be bad!

As for love begetting love, that sounds wonderful, but in the real world it makes for a rather questionable national security policy. Jihadists, for example, aren’t moved by your multiculturalist embrace. They don’t respect or fear that. They don’t want your love – they want your submission.

But for liberals, it’s the thought that counts. So get your t-shirt now while supplies last!


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