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Son executed by illegal, heartbroken father is pushing for change: It’s happening almost every day

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An Arizona man whose son was killed in January of 2015 by an illegal immigrant for no apparent reason at all spoke out about the tragedy on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday.

Grant Ronnebeck, 21, was clerking at a Mesa, Arizona, convenience store when Apolinar Altamirano, 29, walked in, presented a jar of change and asked for a pack of cigarettes.

When Altamirano apparently thought Ronnebeck was taking too long to count the change, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the clerk’s head.

“Grant immediately offered up the cigarettes, and Mr. Altamarino basically executed him,” Steve Ronnebeck said of his son to “Fox & Friends” co-host Tucker Carlson.

Altamirano was arrested following a high-speed chase and charged with murder.

Steve Ronnebeck is calling for tighter border security together with other families who have lost loved ones at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants.

“We’re all frustrated. It’s heartbreaking,” he told Carlson.

“This is something that’s happening almost on a daily basis now, that we have illegal immigrant criminals that are committing murder or rape or numerous child-predator type actions.”

Voters in Arizona will be going to the polls Tuesday for that state’s primary election; illegal immigration is a hot-button issue in the border state.

Watch the clip via Fox News.


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