Incognito cop went to Trump rally to find truth; he felt safe until ‘hateful, evil’ protesters took over

Photo credit Facebook.
Photo credit Facebook.

A Tucson, Arizona, police officer decided he wanted to see for himself what really happens at Donald Trump’s rallies.

In a video posted on social media, officer Brandon Tatum said that the Trump campaign issued a notice before the event in Tuscan, Ariz., asking supporters not to engage in violence against protesters and to let security handle it, something he aptly pointed out that the mainstream media doesn’t report.

Tatum described his experience with the anti-Trump protesters, who stood at the door shouting obscenities at attendees, who had to be rushed into the building to get away from the raucous agitators.

Officer Tatum said he felt no racism among Trump supporters but that he did feel threatened by the protesters, many of whom chanted “black lives matter.” He said he thought he might have to fight to protect himself.

“These people were acting a fool,” Tatum said. “I’m talking about cussing, and screaming.”

He reported that the violence he witnessed came from the Trump detractors who were trying to instigate fights with the Republican presidential front-runner’s fans.

“These people are the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Photo credit Facebook.
Photo credit Facebook.

Watch his video below.

My experience at Donald Trump’s rally in Tucson, AZ. #PressPlay*I’d like to add that after further investigation the protester that was punched did not provoke the other male, according to authorities. I don’t need to state the obvious regarding my stance on assault.

Posted by Brandon Tatum on Saturday, March 19, 2016

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