Former pollster Pat Caddell seriously advises Trump for a win: ‘First, stop pi**ing all over everyone!’

Outspoken former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell took part in a fiery interview with Fingers Malloy and Tracy L. Connors on the “Enough Already” podcast and shared what advice he would give Donald Trump if the Republican front-runner was to ask for his counsel.

Caddell, who engineered Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential victory, said the real estate tycoon’s success may depend on “whether he elevates his game and starts behaving like a man running for president, or whether he’s going to continue the way he’s been going, which is scaring the living hell out of a lot of people.”

After noting that Trump needs to deal with his high negatives, Caddell was asked what advice he would give Trump to help make that happen.

“The first thing is to stop pissing all over everyone!” Caddell said.

Which is always sound advice if you want people to view you in a positive light.

Listen to more of the interview below, which includes additional advice Caddell had for the candidate, or visit

Tom Tillison


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