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ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ deletes shameful tweet about Fidel Castro after serious backlash

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In recognition of President Barack Obama’s highly controversial trip to Cuba, the first by a U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge, ESPN’s “SportsCenter” posted a message on social media on Sunday touting Fidel Castro’s love of sports, linking to an Outside the Lines report.

“Savior and scourge, Fidel Castro was many things to many people. One thing all can agree on: He loved his sports,” the message read. Here is a screen shot of the tweet:


The tweet was met with a deluge of criticism and was eventually deleted. Although, the report that was linked in the tweet remains up on their website.

The reaction by social media users was summed up best in a comment from an account under the name Jack Tinker: “This is a filthy puff piece on a murderous dictator. Shame on you.”


It’s enough to make one wonder — what was ESPN thinking? Here are a sampling of other responses from Twitter that capture a similar sentiment:

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